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A Little About Us

Embracing Caribbean Flavors and Culinary Creativity

As they say: "Variety is the spice of life!" I've always been a lover of tapas style eating. It allows you to experience a wide variety of smells, flavors and textures without leaving you with the feeling of being full or lethargic, as large meals often do. There’s also a great social aspect to eating in this “cocktail hour” type manner. At Bites BK, we focus on providing each client with an amazing visual presentation along with creative and tasty items that will tantalize all senses.

Bites BK is a Caribbean inspired catering business, based in Brooklyn, NY. We specialize in hand-crafted appetizers and desserts and have been doing so since 2016. We provide a hassle-free environment where you can order most things directly online to have them delivered. So, whether you are entertaining a small get-together at home, hosting a formal function or any other special occasion allow us to provide the bites, so you can focus on and enjoy your event!

Bites BK Caribbean-Inspired Event Catering Brunch
Tamarind flavored wings by Bites BK LLC




Empanadas by Bites BK LLC
Spring and food platters by Bites BK LLC
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